• What I Do

    I develop and implement communications strategies and campaigns for companies, organizations,and governments that are working to grow the low-carbon economy.

    Developing Effective Plans

    If you have a plan for how you get the word out, I’ll help you bring it to life. If you don’t, I’ll help you figure out what you want to say, to which audiences, and through what channels. I’ll amplify your ideas and get them into circulation with messages that travel.

    Writing and Polishing Content

    I produce crisp, engaging publications that outline options, present research, or make a case for action. Some of America's top editorial talents mentored me at Outside magazine. I've since produced multiple reports focused on the low-carbon economy.

    Coaching Spokespeople

    Got a product launch or event coming up that may interest the media? I’ll drill you before they stick a mic in your face, and coach you on your responses so you’re properly prepped, confident, and sound-byte ready.

    Boosting Coverage

    This just in: Competition for ink and airtime is brutal. Over the years, I’ve established relationships with a range of reporters, editors, and producers in Canada and the United States. I know what they need, and when, and how to cut through the noise.

    Transmitting Ideas and Inspiration

    I love bringing people with aligned goals together. Through The Glave Report, I share new and interesting developments, ideas, and resources.

  • Selected Work

    A collection of recent projects, gigs, and engagements that reflect the breadth of my work.

    Environmental Defence, Blue Green Canada, the Clean Economy Alliance

    “Building an Ontario Clean Jobs Strategy”

    Building An Ontario Green Jobs Strategy addresses the opportunity for the Province of Ontario reduce emissions in the built environment while creating jobs for those who need them the most. I authored the report with the input of a broad range of civil-society stakeholders, including environmental organizations and labour unions. It's a co-production of three Ontario-based organizations: Environmental Defence, Blue Green Canada and the Clean Economy Alliance. The report surveys existing research on the employment-generating potential of energy efficiency investments, profiles existing "just transition" programs, and concludes with policy recommendations.

    The Earth Day 50 Challenge

    Senior Fellow, Future 500

    Future 500 is a global NGO based in San Francisco, California that advocates for market-based solutions to social and environmental challenges.

    I supported the organization with the publication and release of The Earth Day 50 Challenge, the most ambitious project in its recent history. The program aims to secure commitments from 50 of the world’s most influential companies to advance systemic market solutions to ocean, forest, and climate challenges.


    In July 2017, in recognition of my ongoing work with Future 500, the organization named me a Senior Fellow.

    The Low Carbon Partnership

    Strategic Communications Advisor

    I am pleased to support The Low Carbon Partnership, a coalition of four organizations that help Canadian communities and companies profitably reduce climate pollution. I've provided the partners with media relations expertise, messaging, and spokesperson training, and helped the initiative launch into the world with extensive social media pickup and strong coverage in targeted markets. I've also produced compelling and powerful presentation materials and helped the partnership identify and sharpen its core value proposition.

    GLOBE 2016

    Vice President, Communications

    I contracted with GLOBE Series, the company that produces the biannual GLOBE Leadership Summit and Innovation Expo, as the company's vice president of communications.


    More than a thousand delegates came to GLOBE from more than 50 nations to discuss how to use market forces to drive positive change. GLOBE 2016 hosted more than 240 speakers, including The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, four of Canada's provincial premiers, and leaders from companies such as Levi Strauss & Co, IBM, Nestle, Boeing, and BMW, as well as leaders from finance and banking, big-city mayors, and many others.


    "James is a pleasure to work with and was a great addition to the GLOBE Series team. He is professional, creative and understands how to turn complex ‘sustainability issues’ into targeted messaging that hits the mark. James added tremendous value to GLOBE Series over the past year and I would recommend him to anyone as a writer, editor or communication strategist. I look forward to future collaborations." —Mike Gerbis, CEO, GLOBE Series

    Clean Energy Canada

    Director, Communications

    Clean Energy Canada works to accelerate the nation’s transition to clean and renewable energy systems. As the organization's first employee, I played a pivotal role in growing the brand into a national voice on climate and energy leadership.


    As part of this work I served as editorial director on Tracking the Energy Revolution, an acclaimed series of publications and digital platforms that chronicle the growth of renewable energy across Canada and the world.


    "It’s difficult to overestimate the impact James has had on our organization. He created our now-signature Clean Energy Review digest, now a Monday-morning 'must-read' for Canada's energy and climate leaders, and he wrote and steered the success of our flagship Energy Revolution reports. On at least one occasion, he landed Clean Energy Canada on Page A1, above the fold, in a major market. James is both a doer and big-picture innovator. He’s passionate, driven, and chronically enthusiastic. He's truly an outstanding writer, he understands the importance of effective design, and he's widely connected with media. He has been an indelible part of our success." —Merran Smith, Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada

  • Affiliations

    Current Pro Bono Commitments

    I remain as an Advisor to the organization I co-founded with executive director Merran Smith.

    I serve as a Senior Fellow to this organization working to build market-based solutions to global challenges.

  • What They're Saying

    Shout-outs from a few people I've had the pleasure of working with.

    Ali Grovue

    Executive Director, B.C. Sustainable Energy Association

    “James is supportive, enthusiastic, and brings extensive clean energy sector knowledge and strategy to his communications work. He is a great person to have in your corner.”

    Tim Flannery


    The Climate Council

    “The Clean Energy Review has had a huge impact here in Australia. An ever-fresh message of hope and progress, it has energized our supporters.”

    Elizabeth Sheehan

    President, Climate Smart Business

    “James brings strong strategy and insight to his communications consulting. He helped Climate Smart with a number of projects—delivering on time, clear and compelling communication pieces that have amplified our message and impact.”

    David McLaughlin

    Former Director, National Round Table on the Environment and Economy

    “James is one of the top reasons Clean Energy Canada is getting attention. From social media, to webinars, to research documents, his work is stellar.”

    Karen Hamberg

    Vice-President, Strategy, Westport Innovations

    “James helps organizations, governments, think tanks, and others cut through jargon and distil key messages that are focused on solutions and hope.”

    Mark Rabin

    Founder, Portable Electric

    “James’ detail oriented coaching and messaging gave me the advantage I needed to hit it out of the park.”

    Erik Wohlgemuth

    Chief Operating Officer, Future 500

    James’ work is exceptional. He contributed a rare combination of strategic thinking, incisive language that captures our voice and objectives, structured project management, and a can-do fun attitude. He quickly integrated into our team, elevating the quality and sophistication of our communications.”

    Mikayla Wujec

    Clean Economy Campaign Coordinator, Environmental Defence

    “James is responsive, hardworking, and tremendously well-versed in the clean energy sector. Relentlessly positive and proactive, James has mastered the unique skill of communicating often complex, nefarious subjects into informative, bite-sized materials that achieve significant results.”

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