• Helping companies, governments, and NGOs grow the low-carbon economy

  • James Glave

    I’m an author, editor, and communications professional and I work exclusively with companies, governments, and NGOs that are in some respect advancing the low-carbon economy. I was a senior editor with Outside magazine, a news editor with Wired News, and I cofounded Clean Energy Canada. I have a strong network of professionals who develop or advocate for energy solutions—be they policies or technologies. I love my work, and I love fresh challenges!

  • Opportunity Knocks

    Referrals largely drive my business. Typically, a client will be looking to correct misinformation in the market, or help get the word out on a new opportunity, program, or offering. Others are keen to ensure key stakeholders are aware that an upcoming policy, product, or service is available to them or will impact them in some respect.

    Meeting of the Minds

    An effective outcome depends on an effective plan. I help my clients clarify and focus their goal, and identify and sharpen their objectives and audiences. I then work with them to identify the best strategies and tactics to reach those audiences and accomplish their objectives. The plan often includes a digital component, such as a motion graphic, site, or campaign.

    Cut Through the Clutter

    Decision makers are busy people, and the noise out there is deafening. I’ll help you cut through it. Whether we're talking about a building code, research study, or a zero-emission transportation strategy, I will help you capture your audience’s attention with sharp, savvy, relevant resources and language that increases support and drives action.

    Delivering Results

    I know, I know. That all sounds good on the screen. But does it work on the ground? Keep on swiping for a selection of testimonials from people I've supported or worked alongside who work with a diverse range of companies, governments, utilities, and civil-society organizations. Read on, and drop me a line if you feel I could be of service.

  • What They’re Saying

    Kind words from great people I've had the pleasure of working with

    Sarah Goodman

    Director, Policy, Office of the Prime Minister of Canada

    James is the most talented writer I've ever met. His prose is exceptionally clear, concise, and compelling. He also has a gift for distilling complex issues into actionable, accessible narratives. He is thoughtful, engaged, and passionate about the potential of the global low-carbon economy. James is a good team player; he has a low ego and focuses on getting the job done."

    Christian Cianfrone

    Executive Director, ZEBx

    “James made technical policy and engineering materials accessible to time- and attention-pressed decision makers, while deftly navigating a fast changing political and industry landscape. He produced a webinar on B.C.'s building-performance standard that attracted hundreds of participants from nine nations; his regular policy update email logs a remarkable 50+ per cent open rate.”

    Meredith Adler

    Executive Director, Student Energy

    James is a brilliant communicator. He's great at making technical information come alive with creative, clear writing for any audience. James is also fun to work with! He makes projects easy and provides great advice.”

    Merran Smith

    Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada

    “It’s difficult to overstate the impact James has had on our organization. He is both a doer and big-picture innovator. He’s passionate, driven, and chronically enthusiastic. He's truly an outstanding writer, he understands the importance of effective design, and he's widely connected with media. He has been an indelible part of our success.”

    Robyn Wark

    Team Lead, Sustainable Communities, BC Hydro

    I love working with James. I have never met anyone who can so quickly transform verbal musings of difficult concepts into quick, clear, easy-to-read prose. His low-ego approach to editing has allowed us to deliver precise and meaningful articles, reports, and blurbs. Plus he loves a good laugh, so brings great energy to the team. He understands the value of beautiful design, and has brought great partners to our projects. His groundbreaking work on the BC Energy Step Code helped ensure its strong uptake in the market. This province in now on course to be the first jurisdiction in North America to require net-zero energy-ready new buildings, and James played a crucial role behind the scenes to help us get here."

    Chris Frye

    Senior Policy Advisor, Housing Division, Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada

    “James did a fantastic job of co-delivering a project for us at NRCan's Housing Division - an assessment of the Province of Nova Scotia's readiness to adopt a high performance, tiered national building code. James was the lead writer on the final report, and played a key role in the Nova Scotia stakeholder consultation. Great work, super responsive to input, and a touch with partners and stakeholders that is skilled, nuanced and rare. Thank you James! I highly recommend Glave Strategies for research, analysis, stakeholder consultations and excellent communications products.”

    Natalie Irwin

    Director, Stakeholder Engagement, Efficiency Canada

    “I’ve had the fortune to work with James on a variety of projects, ranging from communications for a national campaign on energy efficiency workers, to a larger scale analysis project that provided an assessment on a provinces readiness around potential building-code changes. James is a skilled writer, as he has both an understanding and knowledge on energy and the environment that allows his work to provide the depth that is needed to make an impact. I look forward to collaborating with James again on future projects.”

  • Selected Work

    Recent and noteworthy projects, gigs, and engagements

    “Lessons From the BC Energy Step Code”

    June 2019

    I co-authored this landmark report that tells the story of how British Columbia became the first North American jurisdiction to create a regulated pathway to reaching net-zero energy-ready new buildings.


    To produce this report with my co-author Robyn Wark, I sifted through data and interviewed dozens of built-environment professionals, and tested the lessons with the stakeholders to ensure they captured the most important takeaways.


    Host and Producer (2018 - Present)

    I host the 3Things.Energy podcast, which offers plain-language conversations with experts about the leading energy solutions to climate change.

    Energy Step Code Council

    Lead Communications Advisor (2017 - Present)

    The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial regulation that local governments may use, if they wish, to incentivize or require a level of energy efficiency in new construction that goes above and beyond the requirements of the BC Building Code. It is a policy tool that serves as a pathway to help the province meet its net-zero energy-ready target.


    “James exceeded our expectations. He led a brand-identity process and a communications and outreach plan that allowed us to get our messages out in a timely manner. As part of this process, James navigated complex stakeholder dynamics and constraints, built consensus, and developed clear and accessible material for our audiences. He came to the project with a solid baseline understanding of building science and local government processes, which translated into a rapid ramp-up, and allowed him to quickly establish productive relationships with team members and stakeholders.”
    —Rory Tooke, Former member, Energy Step Code Council

    Clean Energy Canada

    Director, Communications (2010-2015)

    I cofounded Clean Energy Canada with Merran Smith, who remains the organization's executive director today. As communications director for most of that time, I played a pivotal role in growing the brand. I authored or co-authored numerous reports, produced media launches, and launched Tracking the Energy Revolution—an acclaimed series of themed reports on the opportunities of the energy transition. Clean Energy Canada is a program of the Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University. It is the leading civil-society champion of clean energy, innovation, and a prosperous future for Canada.